Monday, August 11, 2014

Exciting news... baby #2

On June 12th the day before your sisters’ birthday we found out that we were pregnant with you! It was another wonderful blessing to celebrate. We had been praying god would bless us with another precious child.

A few weeks ago we had our first doctor’s appointment where we got to see you and hear your little heartbeat. It was a magical experience that made things seems more real.  You were floating around in my belly, every once in a while you would flip. Your doctor will be Dr. Archer, the same as your sisters. Your anticipated due date is February 12, 2015.

10 weeks and 6 days

Your sister loves babies and I know she will love you so much. She is currently 2 year 2 months old, so she is too young to understand what is going on. But I know when you arrive she will be excited.
We used this photo to announce your arrival
You are 13 weeks right now. I have been pretty tired and sick on and off. This just seems to be the way my body reacts to pregnancy. I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks. You will be growing and we have an appointment at 15 weeks and the gender ultrasound September 19th (19 weeks). We are looking forward to finding out if you are a girl or boy! Even though either will be wonderful, I am ready to starting preparing for your arrival.

~Mommy and daddy love you!

Friday, July 11, 2014

You are two!

It is hard to believe you are already two! Everyone tells you cherish these young years they go by quickly and I could not agree more. In the past year you have grown by leaps and bounds. Eight months ago you were just getting a start on walking and doing a little babbling. Now you are walking, running, hopping and talking. At your two year check up you were 32 inches and 26 pounds. The doctor said you will be around 5'10" when you are an adult. You are a very active little girl and we love it.

Some of the things you love are:
  • Going outside! You are always looking for a way to go outside, sometimes even opening doors yourself and trying to go.
  • Swimming! You love to splash and kick in the pool, whether it is your little pool or a big pool you love the water.
  • Dancing! We have caught you dancing more and more. If you hear a song with a good beat it is likely that you will be bopping up and down.
  • Playing! Recently you have been having tea parties and you love your baby dolls.
Your big milestones this year were:
  • Walking! You started walking around 15 months, once you started walking you were off.
  • Going potty! You are fully potty trained during the day. You make sure to tell mommy and daddy whenever you need to go and you like you privacy, you tell mommy and daddy to "shut the door".
  • Talking! You are starting to string words together and are able to often communicate what you want. Your favorite words are "done", "mommy", "daddy", "I do it", and "out please".
Your favorite foods:
  • Mac and cheese, I am pretty sure you would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Goldfish, you love to carry around a container of them to snack on.
  • Strawberries, you like most fruit but strawberries seem to be your favorite.
  • You also love craisins, you will go to the pantry and ask for them.
Your favorite animals:
  • Puppy dogs! You call dogs "woof woofs" and are always on the look out for them. You especially love papa dog Cedric, he is a Belgian Malinois. Uncle Jason also has a puppy named Samson a golden lab, he is very active and sometimes jumps which you don't care for, but seem to be warming up to him.
  • Birdies! You are fascinated with birds, you love to watch them fly around and are always pointing them out.
Your favorite books:
  • You love reading books. We read to you every night and let you pick which ones we will read.
  • "Good Night Moon", "It's Time to Sleep, My Love" and any pop up books are some of your favorites.
  • Recently we have caught you laying on your belly of sitting on a chair reading books. It is very cute!
You are such a sweet loving girl. You bring sunshine with you anywhere you go. Mommy and daddy love you so much and you are a blessing to us. We can not wait to see what the next year will bring!

Monday, July 1, 2013

{Turning One}

A few weeks ago we celebrated your FIRST birthday! I cannot believe you are now a one year old. Some say you are no longer a "baby", but now a "toddler", you will always be my baby.

We celebrated your birthday at the house with all of our friends and family. You loved all the attention and definitely enjoyed smashing your cake. The theme of your party was pink and orange. All of the decorations and your outfit matched, I had so much fun making them all. 

Now that you are one you are doing all sorts of fun things. You are now drinking whole milk, no more formula. You are eating table food, you pretty much eat what mom and dad eat. You are a super fast crawler and are working on your walking skills. You hold on to chairs, walls, the couch and walk around confidently. The day before your first birthday you took two steps by yourself. Since then you have not walked without holding on, however you will walk you bike all the way across the living room. I believe walking is just a short time away.

We have all sorts of fun, you love peak a boo under the covers, you think it is one of the most funniest things ever. You laugh so hard sometimes. Right now your stacking toys seem to be your favorite. You love shaking them and putting them inside one another. You also enjoy your bike, you like to scoot around the living room on it.

As always we cannot wait to see what the up coming  year has in store. It is awesome watching your grow. We love you so much!


Mommy and Daddy 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

How quickly you are growing up...

I can not believe how quickly you are growing up... you are 10 months 2 weeks. Your first birthday is quickly approaching. You have such a little personality of your own, I love it! Your newest skill is walking around the couch holding on and lots of babble. Your most used words are "ba-ba-ba", "da-da-da" and my favorite "ma".

A few months ago I decided to take a leave of absence from work to spend more time with you. I was missing you terribly when I was at work and it was making things very stressful. My time home with you has been wonderful and means the world to me. My leave of absence ends in June, that is when we have to make the decision if I will be returning or not. I am hoping and praying to be able to stay home with you has much as possible.

Nine Months
Using tables and chairs to shuffle around
Crawling as fast as you can
Climbing on the stairs
Your top teeth have started to poke through
Sleep 12 hours a night
Exploring table foods
Enjoy looking at books and flipping pages
Dancing to beats, you hear music and start bopping up and down

Eight Months
Pulling up to everything
Perfected your crawling form
Got your first teeth (bottom two)
Sleeping through the night
Nursing once a day
Love to eat cereal and other baby foods
Enjoy bouncing in your exersaucer
Like to play peek-a-boo
Clapping you hands
Picking up toys while standing


Seven Months
Pulled up to standing position for the first time
Started sleeping through the night
Eating pureed fruits and vegetables
Nursing and formula
You love playing with blocks
Attached to your wubba nub lamb and bear pacis
Sitting up playing with toys
Started using sippy cup with water
Like to make growling noises

Mommy loves you!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Your "half" birthday - 6 Months

You are going to be six months this week, it is your half birthday! The past few months have been bittersweet. I had to go back to work when you were four months. It has proven much harder than I anticipated. You started going to Wee Walker's daycare. This is where your cousin Jacob and Brittany went when they were little and your cousin Brian is there with you now.

I love watching your daily changes... I try to soak them up as much as I can. You are advancing so fast, every day you are doing something new.

Three Months
Rolling from both sides
Discovered your feet and really enjoy sucking on your toes
You love your jungle play mat

Helping mommy with laundry - 3 months

Four Months
Started sleeping on your tummy (rolling over by yourself)
Laughing out loud
Discovered your hair, you like to rub your head (especially when your tired)
Chewing and pulling on toys

Trick or treating at mommies work, you were a cabbage patch kid- 4 months

Five Months
Getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth
You love singing "patty cake" and "head, shoulder, knees and toes".
Able to put paci in your mouth on your own
Like to talk and babble to mommy and daddy
Started vegetables and cereal

You are a incredible blessing, I can not get over how amazing you are. You are the light in my eye. I love that we are both learning and growing together every day. Your smile brightens my life.



Monday, August 27, 2012

Watching you grow - 2 months new

Time is flying by, you are 2 months, 10 weeks to be exact. It has been wonderful being at home with you and  watching you grow. Not only physically, but developmentally too. You have such a little personality now. It is great waking up to you and your precious smile in the morning, you are always so happy to see your dad and I. You also have a lot to talk about these days, you like to carry on a conversation with coos and other baby babble.

You had your 2 month doctor appointment 2 weeks ago. Dr. Singh gave you 2 shots, which made mommy really sad. You cried so hard and then you were over it. I thought it was going to be a lot worse, but you did so good. You will get the rest of your shots in 2 weeks. At your appointment you weighed 10 lbs 13 oz and were 23 1/4 long.

Bath time has become better, you seem to enjoy them. The most exciting development for mom and dad is that you appear to have your days and nights sorted out now. You are going to bed earlier and waking up only once or twice during the night, then waking up when mom and dad are. Before this you were quiet the night owl, wanting to stay up till 11 pm and then sleeping during the day.

7/19 - 5 weeks rolled from your tummy to back (left side)
7/27 - 6 weeks started smiling
7/30 - 7 weeks cooing and talking
8/13 - 9 weeks finding hands and putting them in mouth

You are a wonderful blessing!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Your Arrival

Mommy started to have strong contractions on June 11th (the day of your mom and dad's one year wedding anniversary). Around 8:00 PM daddy and I  headed to St. Joseph Hospital, we first were taken to triage to confirm that  I was actually in labor. They midwife agreed that I was in the onset of labor, 3.8 dilated and contractions were 3-4 minutes apart. The doctor also agreed and we were admitted. Unfortunately things did not progress very fast from there, your dad and I spent a lot of time walking up and down the hallways trying to get things going. The plan was to have a natural delivery.

Mommy relaxing, before all of the excitement took place.

The morning of June 12th we met with one of the doctors and they suggested that breaking my water could help things along. Your dad and I agreed that this would be a good decision due to the amount of time it had been and little progression. Breaking the water did bring on strong contraction and some dilation. I was having severe back labor at this point, but was determined to bear through it. Your dad and I did more walking and labor techniques to try and get through it. Later in the afternoon we were presented with the option of Pitocin and drug that can help speed up labor. We agreed at the time that we needed to explore this route since things were not progressing and the pain was getting worse. Pitocin did speed things up as we were told, but it was still not a "fast" progression. Later that evening I was dilated to 6  which we were very excited about. With being in labor for almost 24 hours my body and yours were starting to feel the effects. Your dad and I discussed what was going to be the best option for all of us. That is when we decided that a epidural may help get over the hump we were at. The epidural did ease some of the pressure and allowed me to relax some. However, I was still having back labor the doctor said this was due to you being face up.

Very early in the morning on June 13th we had exciting news, I was dilated to 8, only 2 more and it would be time to push. Your dad and I were very excited. We continued to do more labor techniques to help with the progression of labor. Your heart was having random heart dips and I had broke a high fever. The resident on call came and checked me and stated that I was back to 6 and my cervix was swollen. Your dad and I knew this was not a good thing. We tried to stay strong and waited to hear from the doctor to confirm that this was actually the case. The doctor check me and agreed that labor was digressing and with the fever I was (that in return was due to a infection) and the heart dips you were having it was time to make a plan. The doctor gave us a option to try to another hour or have a c-section. He highly recommend that we not wait any longer due to the condition of you and I. It was a very emotional decision for me and your dad, but we knew we had to do what was best for your health, so we agreed that a c section was going to be the best option. 

During this whole time you had a lot of people anticipating your arrival, grandmas, grandpas, your aunt and uncle were all waiting in the waiting room with word of when you were going to arrive. Your daddy was the one that explained to them the situation and the a c-section would be performed within the next 30 minutes. All of our family came into see us before we went to the operating room. It was nice to know they were all there for us.

Once in the OR I thought I would be a lot more scared than I was. Having your dad by my side and knowing you were going to be the end result of the surgery helped me get through it. The procedure itself was less than a hour total, you were born on June 13, 2012 at 9:48 AM. You weighed 7lbs 12oz and were 22 inches long.  As soon as you came out they had to take you to the NICU team that was standing by in the OR to evaluate you due to the fever and infection. Mommy did not get to see you right away, but daddy went over and took pictures of you and showed them to me as the doctors finished up the surgery. The emotions that overcame me were indescribable, after all this time you were finally here and were perfect in every way. Once the NICU team did their initial evaluation they brought you over to me so that I could see you in person. I now know what every mother talks about when they speak of having children, it is the most powerful experience ever. After our moment of bonding you and daddy went to the NICU and I went to recovery. It was hard not to be with you for the 2 hours that I was in recovery, but dad kept you company and made sure everything was okay.

Finally later that afternoon we were reunited! We got to go to the mother baby unit as a family. As they wheeled us down the hallway from recovery they played a lullaby to signify your birth. We spent 4 days in the hospital after you were born. This was due to the antibiotics we both had to take within a certain time span and also due to mommy having a c-section. The nurses were all so helpful and gave mommy and daddy lots of tips on how to care for you. On June 16th we were released from the hospital. Taking you home felt surreal, it was something I had been dreaming of since we first found out we were expecting you.

We are coming up on just over two weeks now since you were born and are learning more and more about you everyday. Your dad and I look forward to watching you grow, you are such a blessing to us!


Mommy and Daddy